Mr. Jonathan David Buck, an instructor at TwentyEighty, has more than 20 years’ experience in project management, most recently as a senior consultant and project management specialist working with a numerous global clients.  Mr. Buck began his engineering career in mining (coal, diamond, gold, and lignite), reaching the position of senior engineering manager in a career that spanned 14 years in the extraction industries. He then moved on to large-scale project management and consulting on projects with the British government, World Bank, and European Union in such locations as India, Egypt, Turkey, Oman, South Africa, and Romania. Before undertaking his current position, Mr. Buck worked as a senior consultant for a leading international management consultancy serving a wide range of blue-chip clients worldwide.

During the last six years, Mr. Buck has worked extensively in the southern hemisphere implementing proven, successful methodologies to achieve significant business turnarounds within client organizations. His approach uses the fundamental supporting pillars of problem-solving techniques, structured rational decision making, and people management skills, each tailored to the client’s organizational culture and service systems or manufacturing technologies.

Mr. Buck’s recent clients include Amcor, Rio Tinto, BlueScope Steel, Nikon Precision, Coca-Cola, Costain, Sidel, and National Starch. Recent engagements led by Mr. Buck include managing the merger of two factories in Queensland, Australia, with an ensuing 20-percent profit increase; managing the seven-figure turnaround of a major commodity producer; and introducing a centralized fault diagnosis support team within a leading technology provider.

Mr. Buck holds an honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Bradford University and a DMS and MBA from Henley Management College. He also has passed his statutory law examinations, achieved Chartered Engineer status, and presented at several international conferences.


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