In this course you’ll review key project documents to gain an understanding of their relationship to effective project evaluation and control using EVM. You’ll explore the challenges and approaches involved in establishing a baseline and obtaining accurate, timely and useful information to measure project performance with EVM. You will benefit from relevant discussions with your peers and an experienced instructor.

Working through an integrated case study designed to simulate real-world issues, problems and decisions, you’ll gain insight and experience in determining a realistic assessment of where your project actually stands. This approach allows you to practice new skills and ask questions as you assimilate a broad array of practical experience that can be immediately applied upon your return to the workplace.

You will Learn how to:

• Harness the power of EVM to control your project

• Indicate work progress in a more objective way within and across projects

• Properly relate cost, schedule and technical accomplishment

• Relate time-phased budgets to specific tasks and/or statements of work to create a useful and realistic baseline

• Supply managers with information at a practical level of summarization

• Prepare an action plan and create an immediate impact to your organization’s ability to effectively control projects


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