Why Project Management Training?

Project management has gone way beyond assigning a person with a certain area of technical expertise the job of completing a piece of work.  It is a discipline in its own right with standards, practices, tools, formulae, methods, certifying bodies and career paths that have evolved over the years, just like any other profession.

In order to be able to deliver projects on time, on budget and that meet the requirements of scope and quality, employees need to understand the role and possess the knowledge and skills to perform the work.

In today’s world where failure to deliver projects according to the commitments you make to your customers can result in huge financial penalties, where cost over runs can significantly impact your organization’s bottom line performance and where delayed time to market can give your competitors an advantage, a small investment in training and certifying your project managers can have a hugely beneficial impact on all these factors and more.

Consider the overall value of your organization’s project portfolio at this moment in time.  Now consider the impact if by training your project managers, you could realize a saving of say just 5% across this portfolio and compare this against the initial investment.   Of course it is difficult to measure return on training investment, and the actual figures are down to more than just the act of attending a training class, but the reason why TwentyEighty has become the world’s leading project management training organization is because their training delivers results. 


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