Why choose PMC?

In Georgia’s developing economy, the demand for experienced and qualified project managers is becoming greater year on year. For many Georgian citizens, there has not been the opportunity to get the professional education and earn qualifications that this emerging economy demands, until now.   This is one reason why BP and its oil & gas co-ventures decided to launch and sponsor this College in Georgia. It will help Georgian citizens meet the developing labor market requirements, enable local businesses to work more effectively with their multinational partners, improve efficiency in project delivery and thus help continue to attract foreign investments to Georgia and sustain its economic growth.

PMC gives you a chance to further your knowledge, learn from the best instructors in the business, gain experience, develop your personal network of like minded contacts and earn qualifications in the field of project management.

This is the only program of its kind available in Georgia.  For the first time, we are able to bring the world’s leading training organization in project management, together with the industry’s best instructors, into Georgia.  Not only this, but through the subsidy scheme provided by BP & its oil & gas co-venturers, we are able to bring this world class education to you at a fraction of its usual cost.



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